To introduce Mr. Timo T.A. Mikkonen

Timo T.A. Mikkonen (born 15.6.1947) is an exceptional figure in the Finnish public life and media. As a writer, cameraman, TV-documentary director, radio and TV host, performer and producer he has captured the Finnish public for decades, generation after generation. It is fully accepted to say that Timo T.A. Mikkonen is truly a media persona, with a unique ability to talk frank with people, get his message across, arouse attention and force people to really think about connections between events and things which happen and the people involved. Finns have grown up and built their image of the world alongside the views and impulses provided via the television screen by Timo T.A. Mikkonen.

Timo T.A. Mikkonen, MSC, graduated Helsinki University in 1970, majoring in political science. While studying late 1960s, he worked as a reporter for daily newspaper Uusi Suomi and in 1969 he was as an acting press Assistant for USIS, Helsinki during the Apollo 11- Moon landing in summer 1969. Timo T.A. Mikkonen started his on camera television career straight from the top at age 22. His television series "Crisis '60" in the year 1970 portrayed the crucial political moments of the 1960's. He became finally a real TVStar during 1971-1974 due to hosting a talk show called "the M-Show". The "Turning Points of the Decade"-series in 1980 presented the Finnish public world history of the 70's. During the years 1987-1989 Timo T.A. Mikkonen produced Finland's first daily news & c/a show, "Today, Here and Now".

In the years 1993-1997 Timo T.A. Mikkonen produced and hosted the most popular weekly talk show of the PTV-4 channel, "Late night with Timo T.A." which was broadcasted live. (see VHStape) On August 29.-30.1998 Timo T.A. Mikkonen hosted a live marathon talk show for 17 hours on the "Nelonen"-TV-Channel Four. "The World's Longest Talk Show hosted by Timo T.A. Mikkonen" was 11 hours longer than the previous world record. In 1999 Mr. Mikkonen hosted six hour Live talk show ²Miss Finland Marathon² , the most beautiful Women in Finland 1934-1999 as guests!

Timo T.A. Mikkonen specializes is U.S. history & country music. He is exceptionally well informed in these subjects. His television series "U.S. Media" got the silver medal at the 20th International New York TV- and Film Festival in 1977. The award is highly recognized in the United States as well as overseas. Ever since 1968 Timo T.A. Mikkonen has regularly followed and commented the U.S. presidential elections in the Finnish media. As an correspondent he has also worked for big American-British TV-networks, APTN (WTN, ITN), CNN, ABC, NBC etc., producing news material of international crisis, wars and other significant events as well corporate video productions in 100 countries around the globe.